Who Am I?

So who am I?  What do I know about education?  Why should you bother to even take the time to read my opinions?

apple wordleI am a 16 year veteran of the Education profession.  I have spent ten of those years in the classroom as a teacher and the other six in support staff positions.  I have worked in large districts and small districts, rural and suburban, schools with highly diverse ethnic populations and those that are significantly less so, private and public school, students from kindergarten to eighth grade, all socioeconomic levels, struggling students, gifted students and everything in between, student with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, emotionally disturbed, children of divorced parents, parents married for a long time, parents never married, adopted children and foster children coming out of some truly terrible situations, children who barely speak English, students who love school, students who hate school, children who love reading and those who loathe it.  I have attended almost more conferences and workshops than I can keep track of.  I have taught in a block schedule and an hourly schedule, class sizes from 6 to 40, taught by myself, as a lead teacher, and team taught.  I have written and revised curriculum, participated in preparation for the Missouri School Improvement Plan review, the institution of Professional Learning Communities and intervention time, the interview process for an assistant principal, and co-chaired the district calendar committee.  I also sponsored the Student Council, assisted with the building spelling bee, assisted with volleyball intramurals, helped to plan National Children’s Book Week activities, covered for other teachers when they had meetings and couldn’t get back to class on time, attended IEP meetings, participated in MAP testing week (state standardized test) activities, contributed to the writing of a Building School Improvement Plan, and tutored students before and after school.  I’m sure there’s more.  All this said I’m your average educator, there are those that do more than I have and those that do less.  My experience may be more varied than some teachers who spend their career yet I’m positive there are teachers who have even more varied experience than me.

 My present position is technology classroom assistant, in my district this means I teach technology classes to kindergarten, first, second, fourth and fifth graders.  I am essentially a specials teacher.  I work with 300 students, and bow down to the other specials teachers who work with all 600 in our building, I have enough trouble trying to remember all of the names of the kids I work with much less if I have all of the students. I am seeking a classroom teaching position but the competition is fierce right now, though I am incredibly lucky to be in my current position in my current school.

 So why should you read my opinions?  I’m not afraid to share stories of my experience including times I’ve made mistakes, or royal screw-ups as the case may be.  I’ll do my best to answer any questions honestly or refer you elsewhere if I don’t have an answer.  As I am a parent as well I think this gives me yet another perspective, I understand things a bit differently than parents without the educational background.  There are a ton of great educator blogs out there so it’s really up to you if you don’t like my style keep looking I’m sure you’ll find someone else to follow, no harm no foul.

So now you decide do you want to stick around and see what I have to say or not.  I’m going to be here sharing my thoughts no matter what which means it’s all up to you now. 🙂


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