My Philosophy of Education

Just to let you know a little bit more about me as an educator I’m going to share my philosophy of education.  I originally wrote this when I was in college and have edited it almost every year since then.  

All children have the right to learn in a quality educational environment.  It is my responsibility as a teacher to provide such.

All children deserve to be respected as unique and valuable individuals.  Their thoughts, interests, skills, needs, and potential deserve my care and attention.

The foundation of a child’s sense of self-worth is built with caring and kindness.  Students should expect nothing less while entrusted to my care.

A strong parent/caregiver and teacher relationship is essential to provide the best possible learning environment for each child.  It is my responsibility as an educator to reach out to the families of my students to help create that relationship.

All children have the ability to learn and as all children learn in different ways, it is my responsibility as an educator to determine how they learn best.  I will take this into account during lesson planning.

Reading and writing are the basis for a great deal of academic success as well as success in many careers. Children should be immersed in a literary environment with opportunities to explore reading and writing in all genres for a variety of purposes.

Children should be guided with caring and kindness, using positive guidance and discipline.  Through positive discipline children learn to take responsibility for their actions, to accept the consequences of those actions, to put their feelings into words, and how to properly solve conflicts.

As most jobs/careers are not solitary, students need to learn to work together.  They will be presented with daily opportunities for cooperative learning in my classroom.

Children will at times encounter difficulties in learning a concept.  It is my responsibility as an educator to ascertain where the problem lies then try alternative strategies, seek assistance from my colleagues, and if necessary refer the student for additional assessment.



  1. Can you seriously write an education philosophy for me too? Was going to apply for a job online the other day – and they asked for one in addition to the other stuff (resume, transcript, etc.). I’d never actually heard of that before!!

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