Warning, Disclaimer, something like that ;)

If you’ve been reading so far, you may have noticed I have a way with run-on sentences.  I will do my best to edit my blog posts but I do not promise perfection, as a matter of fact I can guarantee that at some point there will be mistakes.  When I start typing or writing I often get carried away.  I’m also not nearly as good at catching my own mistakes as others may be. This would be why I edit students’ writing after they self- edit, and I also ask students to find a peer-editor.  I took Creative Writing in high school; my papers came back frequently covered in big red ROWC (run-on with comma).  This is my biggest weakness in writing, and even being aware of that does not always keep me from making those mistakes.  I ask you to please just keep this in mind as you read.  Thank you!

Also just so you know I will be starting to post about the book A Repair Kit for Grading which was my original reason for starting an education blog, interspersed will be posts about other things that may catch my attention or that simply come to mind.  I hope you enjoy!


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