Repair Kit Study Guide: timeliness of information and determining final grades

Picking up where I left off last time with Criterion 4 on appendix B: Considering most recent information.  Anyone care to take a guess where I landed?  Yep beginning again. All assessment data is cumulative and use in calculating a final summative grade.  No consideration is given to identifying or using the most current information.  Maybe I’m just confused because this comes across to me as we only count the most recent score for each standard to calculate the grade all previous

scores are just tossed out.  I’m not sure how this would work. The “fluently” descriptor helps a bit: Most recent evidence completely replaces out-of-date evidence when it is reasonable to do so.  For example, how well students write at the end of the grading period is more important that how well they write at the beginning, and later evidence of improved content understanding is more important than early evidence.  Like I said a bit of help.  The idea as I understand it is to really only look to the most recent scores.  While I understand that I think it’s important to still look back at the progress to date.  I’m just not sure that only counting the most recent score gives the best picture of the student’s knowledge over time.  Maybe when I get to the chapter talking about this I’ll change my mind.  We’ll see.

Criterion 5:  Summarizing information and determining final grade.  This criterion is broken into five descriptors.

5.1: I don’t fall anywhere on this scale, they reference ABC, percentages, + or -, rubric scores all being in the grade book with or without reference as to combining them to calculate final grade.  My grade book has always been in points, points the student earned out of total points with the final grade being total points earned out of total points possible.  Wait looking at that maybe I fall into the fluently category: The grade book may or may not have a mix of symbol types, but there is a sound explanation of how to combine them.  Hmmm what do you think?

 5.2 This descriptor set is about rubric scores being converted to percentages or using a decision rule.  Ummm okay, I’m not sure if they’re using rubric scores in the same way that I usually think of it or use it.  A rubric to me is a scoring guide and mine are always set up again by points.  So I’m not sure if I fall anywhere in the range here.

 5.3 Ah finally one I’m pretty sure about where I fit in.  Developing: Final grades are criterion referenced, not norm referenced.  They are based on preset standards such as A = 90% – 100%, and B = 80% – 89%. But, there is no indication of the necessity to ensure shared meaning of symbols i.e., there is no definition of each standard.  As per school/district policy I have always assigned grades by the grading scale.  This is another time I’ve never thought about standards needing to be defined.  On individual projects I give scoring guides that show what an A would be, and a B, and so on, but for overall grades I haven’t and I’m not sure where to start so I’ll be interested to see what the book says.

 5.4 Back to the beginning category here: Final grades for special needs students are not based on learning targets specified in the IEP.  I have never done this that I can recall, however I have also had very few students with IEPs with specific learning targets in the areas I was teaching.  I did make the accommodations called for in the IEP and then the grades were calculated just like everyone else.  So naturally now I’m wondering if I should have been doing it differently.  Well should I get a classroom position for next year it is certainly a discussion I’ll be having with the special education teacher.

 5.5 This descriptor talks about using various measures such as mean, median, and mode to accurately describe student achievement.  I have to admit I’m totally at a loss here, I have no idea how I would use median or mode to calculate grades.  Guess I’ll be learning something new.

 Well I think that’s enough for one post, next time I’ll take a look at criterion 6 & 7.  Any comments on the criterion or descriptors from today?


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