One of those YES! moments

So today I had one of those YES! *fist pump* moments.  There is a student that I work with who is a big perfectionist, if it’s not done right the first time frustration sets in BIG time, face gets red, fist hits hand, or hand hits head, chairs can get knocked over, muttering begins.  I have struggled to find a way to help this student.  I want Student to be successful in school and life, having this super low frustration level can be a huge detriment.

We began a project today and Student made a mistake, I saw the red face and the fist begin to curl.  I’m not sure what it was but I remembered my Conscious Discipline training, at least some of it.  I asked the student to look at me and tried to get him to take some deep breaths.  I talked to him about where his brain function was and that breathing, getting oxygen in to move back into the frontal cortex.  None of it was really working, but I kept trying, bugging Student to breathe slowly, finally I said “I’m not going to stop bugging you until you do this,” and got a laugh.  Breakthrough, not sure what actually worked but Student got back to work and had a successful class.  Now to keep that up.

For those that don’t know Conscious Discipline is a brain based approach to discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey.  In the building where I was trained CD sort of followed, Love and Logic by Jim Fay and Dr. Foster Cline, it was the school equivalent though I know L&L has school programs themselves.  If you like the brain-based approach but CD and L&L seem a bit young for the classes you work with check out Behavior Intervention Support Team, also known as BIST. Now personally I don’t use all of CD, I stick with parts especially the calming deep breaths, safe spot.  Other than that my personal classroom management favorite is 1-2-3 Magic For Teachers, I’ll write more about it another time as I seem to have gotten off track here. Not a big shock huh?

I hesitated to post this but I wanted to celebrate and share what worked for me.  Trust me there are plenty of UGH moments in my teaching as well, I may even share some of them.


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