Child tells mom not to bother with a birthday party he has no friends

So I came across this story today on Facebook: Facebook page for Mich. boy who thought he had no friends gets worldwide attention and while I applaud the mother for doing something so wonderful my first thought was how is this happening?  How is it the staff at his school lets this poor child eat alone in the office?  How do they not help the other children understand he’s different and help build a bridge for him?  I just don’t get it.

I did lunch duty at the school I worked in last year.  We had one student who did struggle to make friends, each day we watched to be sure he was sitting with someone, if he was alone we allowed him to move.  We spoke the counselor, she arranged to have lunch with him once a week and he could invite 2-3 other kids from the grade.  She was able to keep the conversation going and try to help him make friends  Some days it seemed to be working and others it didn’t but we kept trying we didn’t give up.

Now I find out I have a nephew going through a similar issue and I just want to scream.  I want to hug him and have a word or two with the staff in his school.  I know his mom will do her best to address the situation.  Don’t mess with that Momma! 🙂

My students will most definitely be making cards and sending them to Colin.  Hopefully he has a very happy birthday and things change for him.  The mailing address is in the news article and the FB page is here: Happy Birthday Colin


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