Midnight Musings

Ok for honesty’s sake I suppose I should say these are actually 4 am musings but the alliteration isn’t there so it doesn’t sound as good. 🙂

I woke up at 10 to 4 this morning with the feeling that someone or something was at the end of our bed.  Now we haven’t had a pet in over a year now so in my half asleep state I was bewildered until  I realized the bedroom door was open.  Kiddo had come to crawl in bed with us.  He’s 9, I can’t tell you the last time he came to our bed in the middle of the night so naturally I was concerned.  I asked him what was wrong and he said his stomach hurt.  Husband has an interview today so it was up to me to get up with the kiddo and take him back to bed, where I set up the trash can just in case.  Then I stretched on the floor and began writing substitute plans in my head just in case.  (I didn’t end up needing them but I was ready to type them up just in case).

As I lie there I began wondering what other jobs people have that this happens?  I know that for doctors and veterinarians it can be very difficult to call in sick, especially when you have a single doctor practice.  Even being ill and possibly spreading that illness is not an acceptable excuse for some patients/clients and they choose to find another physician.  But what about other careers/jobs?  Are there other people who lie awake when their child is sick worrying about who’s going to do their work the next day?  How their work is going to get done?  Are there other careers or jobs where you have to do as much work to prepare to be out as teachers?  I’d be curious to know more so if you do please share.


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