Brain Breaks are good for teachers too

When I was a kid in elementary school we had three recesses every day.  As the years have gone by most elementary schools have moved to only one recess a day either before or after lunch.  This has resulted in lots more seat time for little kids than there used to be.  The solution now is to take “Brain Breaks” throughout the day.  Go to Pinterest and search Brain Breaks or Classroom Movement and you’ll come up with hundreds of options.

I have a Classroom Movement board on my Pinterest page.  While my fifth graders don’t seem interested in doing the videos on there (Just Dance and Just Dance kids videos from various sources) the K-2 and 4th graders love it, they ask to do them each time they come to class.

I’ve discovered it’s great for me too, for a couple of reasons.  First it’s great to get up and get active.  Working in an elementary school I find I spend much less time on my feet than I did when I taught middle school, lots more sitting for small groups or one-on-ones.  I’m sure some elementary teachers are more active, and not just PE teachers, but I’m much more sedentary and it bothers me.  So I get up and dance with the kiddos, it’s fun for me, gets me a little bit active, and they love to see the teacher dance along.  The other big benefit besides for my physical health (and no dancing with the kids is not my only physical activity for the day) is for my mental health, there’s just no way not to smile or even giggle when you watch a class of kindergartners or first graders dance to Call Me Maybe or What Makes You Beautiful while singing along to every word.  It’s just so cute!


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