Teacher takes video of child stuck in chair

I came across this story yesterday in my Facebook news feed.  A fifth grade teacher decided to take video of a child with autism in her classroom who got his head stuck in a chair rather than help him out.  She asks him if he wants to be tasered.  I tried to watch the video and just couldn’t.  I could not believe that anyone in charge of children would do that to a child, especially in front of other children.  I just wanted to yell at the screen “What is wrong with you?”  I understand that there are children who repeat the same behaviors over and over and it is possible that this has happened before, the story doesn’t give any of those details, but no matter how many times a child does something like this it is NOT ok to make a video and joke about it.  Take care of the issue, contact whomever you need to to address the situation and move on!

I’m even more amazed that parents are supporting this teacher.  Maybe they don’t have all of the details, but really I want to ask them “What if she had done this to your child?  How would you feel then?  Would you still want her to keep her job?”

I don’t know this just really leaves me near speechless.  What do you think?


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