Repair Kit Study Guide: Feedback, homework, assessments

Ok so time to get back to a post on Repair Kit for Grading, you know the reason I began to blog in the first place 😉

8) I provide detailed comments to students about strengths and weaknesses in their work.

I didn’t do this on everything my students turned in, so my answer is sometimes.  I mainly provided more feedback on big projects and tests, especially on rough drafts of projects.  Even then looking back I feel like I didn’t provide enough feedback.

The daughter of one of my best friends has written her first book, she was 14 when she finished it btw and it is good.  I read it for her and when I read it I popped it up in Microsoft Word and began adding comments. I really concentrated on giving her feedback that would help her improve, if I had a question about what was happening, if I was confused, if I just had to say something in response to a character I put it in a comment.  I’d love to be able to do that for every student I have but I’m just not sure how to handle that in the time constraints teachers have.  I’ll be interested see what the book says about this, how often to give feedback, what kinds of feedback, how much feedback.  Guess I’ll find out when I get to that fix.

9) I include performance on homework into final grade.

I imagine you can already guess my answer to this is almost always.  I have a hard time fathoming it any other way, especially when you take into consideration what must be coming across as my biggest concern: test anxiety.  Let me make this clear, I have other concerns about this but I have had students who I knew were prepared and yet were reduced to tears or nervous tics before a test.  It makes no sense to someone who doesn’t suffer from the problem but teachers see it all the time.  I worry that if we did not ever include homework performance in final grades that the grades of students who do struggle with this fear would not be an accurate representation of their knowledge, the main reason for this book. I will definitely be looking for some answers to this concern and if I don’t find any in the book I may have to find a way to contact the author.

10) I keep separate track of information from formative and summative assessments.

I don’t know if I’ve ever tracked formative assessments other than notes I’ve taken during reading/writing conferences and homework grades.  Those would be separate but are they the types of formative assessments they refer to in this book.  I guess I’ll find out, for now I’d say sometimes is my answer.


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