My love hate relationship with snow and snow days

I’ve had enough snow for this year thank you very much!!!  Father Winter and Mother Nature please get it together I just can’t take it anymore!!!  Yes the snow day we had yesterday was a freebie but still it’s just too much!   Ok now that I’ve gotten that out of the way LOL, this has been an unusual winter.  So far more snow that I can recall since 2011, and that was the most snow since I can’t even tell you when.

I know everyone loves snow days right?  Yeah maybe not so much.  Every school/district handles snow days differently.  My current district builds the required six snow make up days into the calendar for the year and we attend on those days whether we have snow days or not.  So basically in a year with no snow days we attend school six days more than the state requirement, not necessarily a bad thing.  I remember in high school if we didn’t use snow days we got those days taken off the end of the school year.  In my last district, a small rural district, we had random days throughout the year built in as snow make-up days including MLK Jr Day and President’s Day.  My last year in that district we started school late due to construction then had so many snow days that to be able to get school and summer school in during the fiscal year (the only way it worked financially) we had make-up days on four Saturdays.  Yep, we came to school for half days on four Saturdays.  The first was well attended by students, as they went attendance did drop even though students knew they had to make up any work missed.  We had a large number of students on sports teams outside of school though and they had tournaments and games they just couldn’t miss.

We are at ten snow days and counting, which means we have used all of our built in days and two of the extra labeled snow days on our school calendar.  The last day of school is now a half day the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  UGH!!!  Ok so there’s one “hate” about snow days.  I don’t think a single teacher in the district is happy about this, even though it would not have been safe for us to come in on the snow days.

Snow days are not all bad, I enjoy the occasional day, the occasional unexpected day to sleep in, well when I can get back to sleep after the phone rings at some crazy time in the morning, or if we’re fortunate enough to have it called off the night before as we have had a few times so far this year.  When I say this year I don’t just mean this school year, I also mean this year you know 2014, we didn’t even get to come back to school when we were supposed to after winter break.  Winter break this year was extended by a week from snow days.  Coming back we had to almost completely start over with routines, another “hate” about snow days.  What’s worse is when snow days happen in the middle of a unit.  If it’s one day you can usually get the kids back but as Tony Danza noted in his book I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High, (I was just rereading this on a snow day coincidentally) if you lose several days you often lose momentum that you’ve worked so hard to build. Invariably it also seems that you end up with the same day of the week as a snow day time after time, this often puts one class or several classes (if you’re a specials teacher) behind the others, then it’s a struggle to somehow find a way to get them caught up so that all of your students get the information they need.

I guess I really haven’t mentioned many things I love other than sleeping in, I do enjoy the bonus day home with my son and occasionally also my husband.  I enjoy the break that I can use to catch up on work for school or maybe read that book I’ve been wanting to read.  Not having to nag the kiddo to get up and get dressed so we can head out to school is always a bonus.  Shoveling snow can be a great workout, but it can also eat up the whole day sometimes.

So how about you?  What do you love or not about snow days?



  1. Once while teaching in CT, we had so many days added because of snow days and the weather in late June was so hot, no A/C of course, etc. We all asked why we weren’t let out early after 1 PM on those days? Didn’t happen, of course. At least, here in FL, we all have A/C! We survived!

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