YA: African American History Month

A little late but my friend Amy posted this on her book blog on Friday and I forgot to reblog it then. These are all books I’ve taught or read with my classes. Great for African American history month or any time for that matter.


ETA this is the copy of I Have a Dream that I have, the Coretta Scott King art award version

What Will She Read Next?

9780590481090_p0_v2_s114x166So Amy has been sharing some books with you for African American History Month.  Now it’s my turn, and since my speciality seems to be young adult books that’s what I’m going to share.  There are some wonderful stories out there.  First I want to share a non-fiction book that I read aloud during February the one year I taught fifth grade.  Now often non-fiction books can be uninteresting to kids, especially longer ones but this book caught both their attention and mine.  It helps that it’s a biography, but the writing is very much in narrative format so it’s much more story like than dry non-fiction reading and by a YA author that I highly recommend: Walter Dean Myers.  The book is Malcolm X: By Any Means Necessary.  This book, as you would expect, tells the life of civil rights leader Malcolm X and it is totally accessible…

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