The Giver Quartet

My review of the Giver Quartet from my friend Amy’s book blog. These are excellent middle school or maybe even high school books.

What Will She Read Next?

9780440237686_p0_v3_s260x420I taught middle school communication arts for nine years and during that time I found some amazing books for my students to read.  I was the student in school that was never very happy when I had to read the book everyone else had to read, and yet I became a teacher that assigned the same book to the whole class.  I did this for many reasons but often it was because they were books I loved myself and wanted to share.  Fortunately for me these books also became favorites of many of my students.  I plan on sharing several of these books with you so you can read them or recommend them to the preteen-teenager in your life.

“I never liked reading til you made me read The Giver.” A former student told me this and I could do nothing but grin ear to ear.  The Giver is…

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