Repair Kit Study Guide: designing and preparing assessments, grades that support learning

This is it the last part of the study guide pre-assessments, next time I can finally move on to the actual book.  YAY!!  Ok truth time here I’m way into the book but I’m behind on posting, it’s ok, it’s better that way, less stress LOL.


So anyway this section is three questions and the idea is to assess your confidence level on each statement.


20: I can design or find assessments that provide an accurate picture of student learning on particular learning targets/objectives.

My last principal was a big proponent of backwards design, so I began to write units looking at learning targets/objectives, then writing the test, and finally planning instruction and formative assessments.  I also evaluated scores on summative assessments looking specifically for questions that students struggled with.  With all that in mind I’d say I’m somewhat confident on this one.


21: I can prepare assessment plans for units that show when formative and summative assessments will occur and how they will interact.

See the answer for #20.  No really I feel somewhat confident on this one for the same reasons.


22: I can assign grades that support learning.

On this one I chose a little confident mainly because I’ve never thought about grades supporting learning, I’ve always thought of grades as a reflection of learning.  I’m not sure if the grades I have given support learning in any way. I would guess that since they are not standards based that they don’t but I’m not sure.  So the question I’ll be looking to answer is how do I assign grades that support learning.


Well that’s it the end of the pre-assessment.  I really think I learned something through this, reflecting on my grading practices in the past and I have changed my mind on some things already from what I’ve read in the book.  Any opinions on today’s statements?


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