Hot Reads, Zeke! – 10 Books to Grab Now

Always good to have a list of books to recommend. I’ll be checking out some of these myself as well as saving it to share with students.

it's pronounced rankin

As a teacher and a writer, I cannot tell you how often people ask me:

“Are you reading anything good right now?”

People want to read and they often struggle to branch off from a series they liked. Fans of Hunger Games always like to read…. the Hunger Games. We have this tendency to re-read, when there are thousands of new books out there! So here is a list of great books I’ve read (and some that I’ve just heard of) that I think will fit the interests of readers that have liked some of the best selling books over the past 10 years.

1. Red Rising by Pierce Brown- A character living in the caves of Mars that thinks the surface isn’t habitable, but little does he know… This book was suggested to me by Keith Dupuis. He described it saying, “You want to get mad at it for…

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