Top 10 Ways of Dealing with Teacher Burnout

This is an absolutely fabulous list and most teachers I know that have been in the profession for many years do these things automatically, I think it’s the reason they’re able to continue being teachers.

Topical Teaching


Courtesy of Melissa Kelly:

1. Foster Positivity

Instead of focusing on the negative, turn your negative thoughts into positive ones. Every time you think a negative thought reword it in your own mind. Even though this might seem silly, it is the core of internal happiness. No one wants to be around a negative person 24 hours a day. If you are always thinking negative thoughts that’s just what you’re doing to yourself. Therefore, to avoid stress and teacher burnout, you really need to examine the messages you are sending yourself about the job. If every day you are saying, “This job is so hard. There are just too many demands,” then you really are not giving yourself any reason NOT to burn out.

2. Create Realistic To Do Lists

Some people put everything including fixing the kitchen sink on their to-do list each day. There is a point…

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