Spring Break

Here I am on the last day of Spring Break being totally lazy, sitting and doing almost nothing.  It’s all good we’ve been busy most of the week.  Kiddo has benefited from being a TK (teacher’s kid) even if he doesn’t realize it lol, we do lots of educational but fun things on our breaks.  Really no different than my parents did with us growing up, on vacations to Florida to see our grandparents we always hit the beach but we also did those educational/fun things. BTW if you’re ever in the Bradenton/Sarasota area (across the bay from Tampa, not far from Clearwater (two more well known places in FL) Mote Marine Aquarium is an awesome place to go as is MOSI the Museum of Science and Industry, they also took us on a behind the scenes tour of Sea World one year.

Anyway back to this week.  Kiddo insisted we had to do the Zoo and Science center, both free just another reason I LOVE living in St. Louis.  So Tuesday hubby took the day off and we hit those two places.  I’ve been really into space lately, reading several books on the astronauts and space race (posts will follow from my friend Amy’s book blog, probably around the anniversary of the first American in space or the moon landing) so the Science Center was a special treat for me as they have Mercury and Gemini space capsules on display (not sure if they’re real capsules or mock-ups but it’s just really amazing to see them).  This would be a great field trip or vacation stop 🙂

Thursday (my mom’s day off) she, the kiddo and I headed out to one of his favorite local parks to play, then we grabbed lunch and took it over to Laumeier Sculpture Park to eat and wander (this is one of Kiddo’s favorite places in the StL metro area, he asks to go all the time) while there we came across one of the birthday cakes created to celebrate St. Louis’s 250th birthday.  After the sculpture park we headed to Lone Elk park a drive through nature preserve where we found another Stl250 cake.  We came home and did a little online research to find out more about Cakeway to the West and decided we’d go on a quest throughout the rest of the year (mostly on summer break) to see as many of the cakes as we can.  Kiddo wanted to start right away and in three days we’ve found 10 cakes.  There is an app for smartphones to check in at each cake and earn points for possible prizes but as we are a bit retro in the phone department we’re just taking pictures and I’ve started a board on my Pinterest account to track which ones we’ve seen here it is: Cakeway to the West Pinterest board.  Friday was a big cake hunting day 🙂

Yesterday we along with my parents took Kiddo to his first circus, the Moolah Shrine Circus.  My parents used to take us every year when we were kids.  Kiddo LOVED it!  He’s already talking about going back next year.

All in all it’s been a great break and I’m reenergized ready to head to work tomorrow and get a great start to the rest of the year. 🙂  Hope everyone else is having, has had, or will have a great Spring Break as well.



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