What Teachers Make

Short post today but sometimes as we all know the saying “good things come in short packages”, ok so I altered the saying just a bit but it still makes sense.  This is a short post but I think it’s powerful.   You’ll have to tell me what you think.  If you are an educator and somehow have never seen this video you need to watch it.  If you know a teacher share this with them.  I first saw this video several years ago at an all district meeting.  Our superintendent had seen the video and wanted to share it with us, unfortunately he didn’t realize the version he found to share was a bit school inappropriate at the end.  For your viewing here is the “explicit” version and the clean version, here’s the text of the poem from Taylor Mali’s website, it does contain the explicit words but you can remove it should you want to print it, and finally here’s the poem in comic strip form (also explicit).  I know I’ll be adding it to my wall of inspiration.  Every time I watch this video I end up in tears and cheering, hopefully it will inspire you just as much.  Like I said at the beginning this is a short post I know but there’s really nothing to do but let the words speak for themselves!



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