Most Memorable Moments

This morning while reading through my WP reader I came across the Daily Post writing prompt for the day and just had to answer it.  The post is here and here’s my response

Daily Prompt: Moments to Remember      


What are the three most memorable moments — good or bad, happy or sad — in your life? Go!


So I’m going to take this and apply it to my life as an educator.  The first and second actually most memorable moments that come to mind is actually a several week stretch of time.  My last year in my last district began a little bit differently than the usual school year, um ok a little bit might be an understatement, a major understatement.  We had been fortunate enough to have a bond issue pass and our building was undergoing some major renovation, jokingly several of us referred to it as Extreme Makeover School Edition.  We were getting a new roof, ceilings, floors, outer building walls with new windows, and new heating and air conditioning units as well.  We had spent the last few days of school teaching half day then spending the afternoons moving all of our classroom belongings home or into the gym.  Unfortunately  it was a rainy summer and construction fell behind.  This meant we would definitely be starting the year late then came the decision that the middle school grades would be housed at the high school for an undetermined amount of time (it ended up being somewhere between 6 and 8 weeks).  We had no idea where we would be placed in the high school building.

The social studies teacher and I decided as we had an entire grade level at a time between the two of us that we would take the same classroom (the high school music room as both the choir and band teacher had classrooms in the other building as well and were kind enough to stay in those rooms and let us have their HS room) and teach every other hour while being on hand to assist with classroom management and giving the bum’s rush to any high schoolers wanting to visit. (Her son was as senior and I had taught most of the kids at the high school, especially the seniors).  I went from being one of two communication arts teachers having only half a class, anywhere from 6-10 kids, to teaching an entire grade level, anywhere from 30-45 kids, at once.  I had a bit of a panic but it was a great challenge.  

In amongst this stress and panic was the stress of being a mom whose kiddo was starting school for the first time.  Now my son was going to be in my district and once construction was complete we would be in the same building as it was elementary on one end and middle school on the other which was making the transition easier than for some parents.  Honestly for me it was made even easier by the fact that I was distracted somewhat by the challenge I was about to undertake.  I honestly think that had we been in the same building that first day I would have had a harder time leaving him in his room to go to my own.

The challenge of being in the high school with grades 6-12 was something we all had to adjust to but it gave me a unique moment of happiness as I got to be with the seniors on their first day of their last year of school.  This was the class that was starting sixth grade when I started in the district and as I was the only core teacher to have them all three years of middle school (they did have the same specials teachers) I think I connected to them a bit more than I had other classes.  It was exciting to see them grown up and almost ready to take on the world.

My third most memorable moment is probably when I got home from meeting with the secondary com arts coordinator after I had accepted a job to teach sixth grade communication arts my very first year of teaching.  I began to panic and freak out as I had trained to be an early childhood (kindergarten to third grade) teacher and wasn’t sure at all how I would handle sixth graders.  Hubby looked at me and said “You can do this, you’re a teacher!”  I’m not sure if it was his words, his faith in me, or both but I calmed down and began planning.  The nerves stayed with me for oh at least the first week of school if not more but I did it, I made it through and while I wasn’t a stellar first year teacher I think I did ok, the principal did recommend me for rehire at the end of the year though as there wasn’t a position available I moved on.



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