Cakeway to the West hunt: day 1

I mentioned in my Spring Break post that while out and about Kiddo, Mom, and I came across two cake installations for the 250th birthday of the City of Saint Louis.  I thought I’d post pics of the cakes and tell a bit about each location, you know for educational purposes as this did start as simply an education blog 😉  Cakeway to the West (a cute play on the well known reference to St. Louis as the Gateway to the West) is currently the installation of 199 cakes around the greater Saint Louis area with cakes in both Illinois and Missouri.  There will eventually be 250 cakes.

Kiddo was really excited when we came across the first cake at Laumeier Sculpture Park.  Hubby had previously seen two other


cakes and told us about the installations, we then saw a cake in the downtown StL St. Patrick’s Day parade, unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of that one.  Laumeier was the first cake we were able to see up close and personal.  The sculpture park  is located in St. Louis County (I’d say West though some may say South, so let’s just say Southwest StL County).   In the back half of the park in the corner of the back parking lot, just up from the big orange triangles sculpture (for those that have been there) sits this cake.  I found this cake to be especially fitting as there seems to always be some construction going on at the park.  From an article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch I learned the artist chose these materials as they are all used in sculpting but as there is a major construction project going on at the park right now to build a new gallery this just made the cake seem even more perfect.  The candle is made of pencils, colored pencils, and paintbrushes with the “flame” being an orange extension cord.  As we stood and examined the cake we found all manner of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, rope, electrical and audiovisual cords.  The rocks spell out what is on all of the cakes “stl250”.  This one is definitely worth a visit and I know we’ll be going back to see it again bc Kiddo loves Laumeier, bc he was being a pill and wouldn’t stand for a picture with this cake but did with others, and be hubby hasn’t seen this one in person yet.

We found a second cake the same day, also quite by accident, at Lone Elk Park further out in St. Louis County off of highway 44.  Lone Elk is a wildlife management area, it’s a drive through park for the most part though there are seIMG_7057ctions where you can get out and walk around.  Historically the area was used for testing and storage of ammunition during WWII, you can still see some of those places throughout the park.  Now you can catch a glimpse of elk (um duh lol), bison, deer, waterfowl (ducks and geese), and wild turkeys.  On this most recent trip we were able to see elk and bison really close to the road, it helps when the weather is just right 😉 outside the visitor center we found the cake.  This cake is beautifully painted with various things you will find in Missouri natural areas.

As soon as we got home from our day out we got on the computer and looked up the list of cakes and their locations.  As we continue our hunt to see as many as we can during the year I’ll keep posting.



  1. I really like the cake idea. Our town, Lakeland, is quite well known for its swans given to us a long time ago by Queen Elizabeth. So, a few years ago, sculptured swans were made during a competition. They were all about 8 feet tall or more and quite beautiful.

    • I bet those were lovely! What a neat idea. I’m so excited about the cakes, kiddo and I have a list of the cakes and have started planning which ones we can go see in groups and when. This will be a big summer activity for us and a great way to become more familiar with our city and metropolitan area.

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