Pretending my way through the day

I’m a tech teacher but I’m not a tech teacher.  My current position is as a classroom assistant that teaches technology classes.  I have no certification to teach technology.  I am certified to teach early childhood (PreK-3rd), elementary (1st – 6th), and middle school communication arts (5th – 9th) and in all that time I took only one technology oriented class, ONE worth one college credit hour and that was ummmmm 17 years ago, yet everyday I greet classes of kindergartners, first graders, second graders, fourth graders, and fifth graders into my computer lab and teach them technology.

Now I have experience with technology in a classroom.  I spent several years teaching with a SMART board in my classroom.  I’ve had multiple classes complete Power Point presentations or type essays in the computer labs in the schools where I worked.  I personally use the computer, well too much, but making the transition to teaching it… nerve-wracking at times.

This is my second year teaching technology and I do feel more comfortable doing it this year but there are times where I’m researching and only a few steps ahead of my students in their lessons.  All of my classes participated in the “Hour of Code” November 2013 (post to follow another day) and all of them enjoyed it so now my fifth graders are continuing with the “Beyond Hour of Code” lessons and my kindergartners are working their way through  I’ve gone through each set of lessons on my own more than once so that when the time comes that my students ask for help I can actually do that.

There are days where I feel totally confident in my abilities and others where I truly do feel like an imposter.

Written for the DP Daily Prompt The Great Pretender



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