What’s a girl gonna do without a best friend? I have no idea because I have 3 :)

OK so this is really not education related but I couldn’t pass up this prompt.  I am incredibly lucky to have three best friends.  We’ve now known each other for 20 yrs, well 19 for one but since high school.  I hear people ask “are you going to your high school reunion?”  I can safely say I don’t need to, I’ve kept in touch with several of my classmates through the years including my three besties.

We met randomly in classes each at different times and yet somehow we became a cohesive unit.  It’s strange I know that often people have one best friend.  I see it all the time in kids and experienced it myself as a youngin’ that trios of friends often have problems with fighting and two of them get along better leaving one out, with the one left out rotating.  Maybe it’s because we’re a group of four “the fearsome foursome” (well to us anyway, and to teenage children belonging to a two of us LOL) but we haven’t seemed to have that problem.  Oh we’ve argued, and we’ve lost touch with one another through the years but I’ve never felt on the outs from them.

As a group we are crazy, kooky, funny, loving, caring, individually they are all those things and more.  I know if I ever need them they’ll be there for me, all it takes is a phone call, text, e-mail anything.  Not only that I know that they’ll be there for  my kiddo just like I’d be there for any one of them or their kids.  We have been there for each other through some wonderful and some awful times.

We can talk about anything, and probably have at some point.  We don’t all have exactly the same thoughts but they are often similar which is one reason we get along so well.  We don’t let our differences come between us.  We can go months without talking and then pick up right where we left off again.

One of the three of us lives in another state but when we do girls’ night here we make sure to check her schedule so we can Skype and she can still be part of the fun.

Best of all it’s continuing into the next generation, two of the kids are best buddies, nearly inseparable and it just makes us all grin.  I love these girls, they are truly not just my best friends, they are my sisters. (that’s me on the left)


Written for the DP Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You



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