I love my job and my career!

Scrolling through daily prompts I came across this one that I missed at the start of last week and knew I had to rectify the mistake of missing it the first time out.

While I don’t spring out of my bed in the  morning thrilled to go to work, sorry I’m not a morning person I much prefer staying up later, I do love my job.

I detail why I chose my profession on the Why I became a teacher page of my blog but as for my current job well… while I’m not a classroom teacher I do teach classes and have my own room, yep figure that one out lol.  The smallest things can excite me when working with kids.  On Friday I had a student who struggles some remember that I had taught them previously the ctrl – s shortcut to save I nearly cheered.  The random hugs, the messages from former students to fill me in on their lives or just say they miss me (I moved away from where I used to teach) make me smile.

Yes there are frustrations ask any teacher and they can enumerate them for you but for me it’s the light going on in a child’s eyes when something makes sense, it’s the smile you get just for being there, it’s the rare thanks you get for something you said or did.  I have been incredibly fortunate to have students actually tell me thank you for being there for them, for “making” them read, for believing in them.  I can’t imagine any other way to be as a teacher and I can’t imagine any other better career in the world.

I’m in my fourth year of seeking a classroom position and it can be frustrating but I know I wouldn’t trade my career for any other, I quite simply can’t imagine every doing anything else at least nothing outside of the education field.  I’ve looked for possible education related jobs at the zoo or science center something that would still allow me to teach and work with kids but even when it’s been suggested I try to find a different job I just can’t do it.

I’m one of the fortunate ones that found my calling early, as in before college, and I thank God for that regularly.

Written for the DP Daily Prompt Sixteen Tons


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