Writerly Reflections

This is late because I just discovered the weekly challenges but I just couldn’t start with the current week I had to go back to last week, it just called to me.  How did I first fall in love with reading and writing?  Oh boy this could be a long post 🙂

My parents read to me from the time I was just a baby.  As soon as I could read I began to devour every book I could get my hands on.  My love of books has grown as I’ve grown.  I discovered a new love of young adult novels when I began teaching middle school communication arts and then a new love of children’s books when I had my son.

I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t love books.  I can spend hours wandering the stacks at the local library or book store.

Writing well that’s a different story.  The first time I remember writing and enjoying it was for a writing contest being held at my school.  I wrote a short ghost story based on an old mail truck we had found at the back of property owned by friends of my parents.  I think I got an honorable mention for that story, wish I still had it.  After that I was hooked.  I wrote all the time stories and poems.  High school led me to my three best friends all big readers and writers.  We shared a spiral notebook where we each wrote poems.  They were my first editors and critics.

A few years ago I participated in NaNoWriMo along with my students, I’ve participated a few times since then but that was the only time I completed the challenge and wrote a “book” (quotation marks because the end result was not really book worthy lol) 50,000 words.  I completed it on the last day with just hours to go, it was an incredible feeling.

I continue to write, occasionally working on short stories or novellas but most of my writing now is done for blogging here or for my friend Amy’s What Will She Read Next? book review blog.  I’ve tried blogging before but was never able to stick with it, never able to be consistent enough to make it worth it.  It just took finding something I care enough about and am willing to share (I could probably blog consistently about my family but for the most part I want to keep that private) to really get going.  I’ve wanted to be a writer forever and now I feel like I actually am.  I never know if anyone is reading what I write but it’s out there in case anyone ever does, and if nothing else I enjoy the process.

Written for DP Weekly Challenge March 24 



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