Wait you mean you came to class unprepared again???

It really feels like I have spent more money on pencils for my classroom than anything else including books and my classroom library was at one point around 1500 books (thrift stores, library book sales, and book club points help keep the cost down).

My biggest classroom pet peeve is kids not coming to class with a pencil.  Now this isn’t a problem for me currently as I am a specials “teacher” so the kids leave their supplies in their classes and I have supplies for them but the years I have spent as a com arts teacher…UGH!

I have seen so many different ways of keeping the kids from borrowing my pencils, some I’ve gotten from other teachers: trade a shoe for a pencil, trade your wallet for a pencil (this one made me incredibly nervous I only did it once or twice), trade something else you have with you for a pencil.  At one point I took an idea from a store that had taped flowers to the tops of their pens but to allow students to still use the eraser I ran ribbon through a button and then that to the top of the pencil.  The button clearly marked the pencil as mine but the tapping noise it made when it hit the pencil, often on purpose, began to get rather annoying for everyone in the class.  Then I started finding buttons on ribbons on the floor.  I never was able to catch kids doing it but they were taking the buttons off and stealing my pencils.  For a while I stopped lending out pencils at all if you didn’t bring one sorry guess you’ll have to borrow from someone else.  Then kids weren’t getting work done, UGH so I went back to the “trade me something” method.  To date I never came up with a really good solution so if anyone has one please share!!!

Written for DP Daily Prompt She Drives Me Crazy


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  2. That is a hard one. I remember in many classes the teachers did not give out pencils and other students with then go to me. I was one of those students that would try to be prepared with two pencils at least. the problem is I would not get the pencil back, they would sharpen the new pencil to a stub and a few times broken them. So I can totally understand. I would buy a box of those small, about 4 inch, golf pencils with no erasers.

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