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My review of The Astronaut Wives Club for What Will She Read Next? An excellent book with some great looks at the lives of the astronauts, their wives and families, as well as a peek behind the scenes of NASA in the early days.

What Will She Read Next?

9781455503247_p0_v3_s260x420In my recent space obsession (my husband’s words not mine LOL) I checked out The Astronaut Wive’s Club from the library.  We had just rewatched Apollo 13 and as I watched I was more caught up this time in the story of Marilyn Lovell.  I just couldn’t imagine what she was going through.  It’s hard enough to imagine watching your husband launched into space the first time, much less the fourth and then for something to go wrong.  Not knowing if you would ever see your husband again…words elude me.  So I was thrilled to find this book.

First we meet the original Mercury Seven wives.  They are a varied bunch, some with very strong opinions and yet in time as their husbands begin to actually make the trip to space they connect.  Next are the New Nine, then the Fourteen, and the “Original Nineteen”.  These women are some of the…

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