Sometimes my eyes are just a little more green than usual

I think they thing I get most jealous about when it comes to work is when other classroom assistants around me get interviews and jobs while I don’t even get the interviews.  It’s hard because I want to be happy for them but it’s so frustrating to apply and apply and apply and get no response.  I know that there are hundreds of applicants for every teaching position posted but I still find myself wondering “What’s wrong with me? Why am I not getting calls?  When is it my turn?”

Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my current job and I do teach but it’s just not the same thing.  Yes I have less responsibility but I miss that.  I also miss the connection you make when you see your students every day.  Even teaching middle school where I had around 100 kids I saw it felt like I connected with my students better than now when I see around 300 a week.  I’m still struggling to remember all of their names even, I might have them all by the end of the school year.

All I can do is just keep trying, keep applying and wait for my time to come.

Written for the DP Daily Prompt: Green Eyed Lady



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  2. I share in your frustration. Two job interviews and I didn’t get either. Great feedback and still didn’t get the job. It’s like… WTH am I doing wrong?

    I am, however, not jealous. I am pissed, but not jealous. It sucks. I get over it. I move on. It’s not fun but it is what it is.

    Hang in there.

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