Reading a new book

So I’ve finished reading Repair Kit for Grading, the posts are all typed and scheduled to be published over the next month or so.  Time to find a new book. I have a few professional books I could read and write about but I decided to save my own books for summer break and make use of the teacher’s section of our school library while I still can.

I picked up a book I’ve heard a lot about: The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller.  As teacher who has taught nine years of communication arts to middle schoolers I’m especially interested to see how she got her sixth graders to love reading.  It’s something I’ve tried year after year to do, I have succeeded with some kids with others not so much.

I’m especially interested to see if she shares how she helps kids find a book to actually finish.  I had a student who for all three years in my class (6-8, it was a small school) never finished a book voluntarily, he was one of the worst book hopping offenders I’ve ever encountered.

There will be at least one post coming when I finish the book and depending on how soon I finish and how much time I have with the book maybe more.


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