Repair Kit Fix 3: Extra Credit

Don’t give points for extra credit or use bonus points; seek only evidence that more work has resulted in a higher level of achievement.

Initial Thoughts: I don’t give out many extra credit points and rarely if ever are they for work so while what I have given hasn’t really had an impact on  final grades I see how it could.  I already think I could replace my current bonus points with other incentives: computer time, sit where you want, teacher chair for a day, etc but I’ll read this chapter and see what else I come up with, what other thoughts come to mind.

“heard of an amazing array of extra credit activities…bringing in classroom supplies.”  (page 32) Uh oh guilty!  I’d forgotten about that until reading this line.  I have given five bonus points for bringing in a box of tissues with a two box maximum though somehow I don’t think capping the amount really makes this any better.

On page 34 I found an example of how bonus points differs from using extra work so proof of an increase in knowledge and that second example uses standards based grading.  This is what most of my 3rd grade son’s report card looks like.  I’m intrigued as to how this works, how scores of 1-4 are determined, guess I’ll have to wait until I get to Fix 8.

Student Involvement: Student and teacher meet about score and student is given the opportunity to provide additional evidence of learning not just given the opportunity to raise their grade by adding arbitrarily earned points.

Final thoughts: I will definitely be replacing extra credit points for supplies and conference attendance with other incentives.  I will allow students the opportunity to provide additional examples of their knowledge and growth through appropriate assignments.

So this was a quick chapter to read and didn’t leave me with many thoughts.  What do you think?  How do you feel about extra credit?  Do you give it?  Is it just for the chance to raise grades by points or is it to show that they students knows the information?


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