Recommendation for National Poetry Month

Many years ago I came across a really great, fun site to use to teach my kids poetry.  There are a number of types of poems with lesson plans to help you teach your kids to write them.  Somewhere I have a binder, a large binder, full of these.  My kids have loved writing them year after year.

The kids can write their own Roses are Red poems:

Roses are Red

Carnations are White

Obey Your Thirst

is the slogan of Sprite

(yep that’s from one of the first years I used these, umm 1999 I think)

Then there are Yankee Doodle poems, What I Cook my Teacher for Lunch, new lines for my favorite kids poem Shel Silverstein’s Sick, and so many more.  There are actually new ones since I last looked.  I’ll have to pull out my old binder and check to see what I need to print.

I think they one I had the most fun with though was the “I Can’t Write a Poem” poem.  I listened for a few classes of other poems to what my students said about why they couldn’t write a poem and turned it into a poem of my own “What the Teacher Hears”  now to find the file so I can share it, or maybe just write a new version.

Everyone should check these poems out teacher, parent, or anyone else.



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