Failure is Not an Option

Review of a wonderful book I wrote for What Will She Read Next? This is a book I plan to not only buy for myself but if I happen to end up with a middle school classroom again it will go in my classroom library. I can’t suggest it enough if you have even the slightest interest in space and NASA

What Will She Read Next?

9781439148815_p0_v2_s260x420 We’ve been going through a mini space-obsession.  In the past two weeks we’ve reviewed The Astronauts Wives Club  and  Memories of the Future which is all about Star Trek, but I think it counts!  Today we want to share  Failure is Not an Option .

OMG ok this book is just…wow!  So I’d been struggling to find a book that could keep my attention.  I’d started a few that I knew I’d enjoy but just couldn’t stay committed to them.  I was in a blah reading mode.  Then one night scrolling through Netflix I came across a Discovery Channel mini series: When We Left Earth.  This six part series takes you from the Mercury flights to near the end of the shuttle era.  I was inspired to put the movie Apollo 13 on hold to see again, as my library search was on Apollo 13 this book came…

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