Cakeway to the West day 2

So after the first day accidentally coming across a few cakes, we set out to see how  many we could find.  Kiddo and I started close to home with the cake at Manchester City Hall.  This cake is painted with some lovely scenes from Manchester,



Then we headed up to the AKC Dog Museum at Queeny Park.  I loved the pawprints on each layer of this cake.



This was on the way to meet hubby for lunch at Shaw Park in Clayton, where they just so happens to be another cake that shows many of the activities you can participate in at Shaw Park.



Hubby then took us to see the first cake he had seen over at Hanley House also in Clayton.



As we were driving to meet hubby the kiddo and I had driven past yet one more cake, it was within a few blocks of Hanley House so we walked over.  If you’ve ever been to Clayton or driven by and seen the building that has the tiles that react to the wind you can find this cake.  It is by the Centene Healthcare Corporation.  BTW do you see the error on this cake?  Plus a bonus pic of the cool building.



Then we headed off to Forest Park which is not so far away and picked up two more cakes.  We found one at Turtle Park across the street from Forest Park this park is filled with concrete sculptures of turtles, their eggs, and at least one long snake that kids can climb on.


Finally we walked the bridge over highway 40 to the South Entrance of the Zoo and found this cake.


That was it for this day, we were worn out and hitting the time for rush hour so we headed home.






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