Repair Kit Fix 6: group scores

Fix 6: Don’t include group scores in grades; use only individual achievement evidence.

“Group scores that become part of individual grade determination violate this principle (individual accountability), meaning the cooperative learning model is being implemented incorrectly.” (page 54)

Maybe it is the training I did on the Kagan Cooperative Learning structures but I don’t count group grades in individual grades anymore, well that and leftover angst from being one of the few in a group who did the work and others getting credit for it or losing points because while I did my part someone else didn’t.

“There is a pattern to classroom life summarized as ‘learn it in a group, perform it alone.”

Not sure why this struck me so much but it did.

So this post is really short but I didn’t need to be convinced and the chapter for this fix was about three pages long so not much to comment on.

I will continue by saying in my room I use the Kagan structures and I love the use of them.  The structures are used to help review topics, for brainstorming, and occasionally to complete projects but those projects are given feedback only NOT scores.  However students do learn to work in teams, how to take turns, how to coach one another, and just generally how to get along with others.  I’ll do a whole post on Kagan another time.  For now I’m done.  Probably a good thing because fix 7 is going to be a longer post.




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  1. Absolutely correct! I’ve often used group activities for all the reasons you said, but knew who contributed above and beyond and who just loafed through the group activity. Even when I’ve taught Conversational English to children from China, there were a few who tried to get a “pass” while not contributing. I wonder if it has something to do with their attitude about education and life?

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