Success… I think

So kiddo is in 3rd grade and it has been a battle up until this year to get him to read on a regular basis.  I thought we had solved the problem earlier this school year when he discovered the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.  He devoured them and even wrote a review for my friend Amy’s blog What Will She Read Next? A Kid’s Take was his post. Then he began the Warriors series he made it through book 1 and halfway through book 2 and then we were back to where we started with reading just not happening.

I’ve suggested books until I’m blue in the face (ok not totally but it feels like it).  He turns me down every time.  Mom clearly knows absolutely nothing about books never mind the fact that I’m a teacher, have taught for years, taught communication arts, read like crazy myself, and know my child. UGH!!!!!!!!!

Inspired by Donalyn Miller and her book The Book Whisperer, I promise I will be posting more in-depth about this book later, I decided to simply expose him to the books and give him no opinions as he clearly doesn’t want mine.  I checked about about 13 books for him from the library and sat them in front of him.  I asked him to just go through them and look at them, try to pick one to read.  He ended up reading two: the first Knights of the Lunch Table, and the first Bone book.  We have the rest of KotLT on hold, and two more Bone books on hold.  He’s now reading the first Timmy Failure.  I’m really hoping we’ve turned a corner.

I’ve never had as much trouble getting any of my students to read as I have had getting my own kiddo to read.  It’s been so frustrating and I try not to nag, I try to just be an example but it’s hard.  Fingers crossed for me we’ve finally clicked.



  1. One main reason I’ll never be a homeschooler! I deal with students a much different way than I would my own child. I’ll have to check that book out – let us know if he’s interested in those books or finds something else on his own. Is he ever motivated by reward programs?

    • Not so much on the rewards things, they do AR at school and he really could care less about the rewards there. Summer reading doesn’t really do it for him either.

      He went to the school library today and picked up the first Warriors book to read again so he could get back into the series, fingers crossed that works. He also read both of the other Knights of the Lunch table books. He really seems to like the graphic novels. Whatever as long as he’s reading!

    • He does read the Lego Club magazine and we get the kids version of the Missouri Conservationist that he reads, my parents got him a subscription to Highlights but that didn’t do it for him. Graphic novels seem to be the trick. I checked out City of Ember the graphic novel for him hoping I can get him to read it and then try the actual novel LOL not sure if it will work, but he is back to reading more voluntarily.

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