Teacher Appreciation

Next week May 5-9, 2014 is Teacher Appreciation week here in the US.  All across the country parents are planning what to do for their children’s teachers and some are wondering if they really need to do anything at all 🙂

We just got a letter explaining what is happening at my son’s school and I have the invitation to the staff luncheon at my school.

I have been working with my students to create things for their teachers.  I teach technology what better place to work on projects for teacher appreciation.

Kindergarten has each written (half day kids as I see them only once a week) or typed (full day kids because I see them twice a week) a message to their teacher and drawn a picture to go with it.  We will be binding these into books for their teachers but I have also scanned them in and uploaded them to Photo story so the kids can make movies, each child will get the chance to talk while their picture is showing.

First graders are typing letters to their teachers.  I have to say I have been really impressed with what they’ve come up with.  Some of my first graders have written full paragraphs to their teachers.  They are also drawing pics on the letters that will be bound into books.  Several have asked if they can write letters to other teachers, and one of my kiddos has already given me a letter she typed for me. 🙂

Second grade has brainstormed a list of things they’ve done this year, enjoyed about this year, adjectives to describe their teacher.  They then copy and paste that list into the creator at Tagxedo where they make a word cloud and get to pick it’s shape, font and direction.  As they are printing in black and white they can then color the words by hand.  Yep these are being collected into a book as well.

Fourth and Fifth graders have been using Google Drive for a while, so we created a shared folder and Google presentations (the Google version of power point) for each teacher they have.  The kids are completing a slide in each presentation.  Every class I’ve introduced this idea to has commented that I did not make a slide show for myself.  I love that they notice that, and it’s more than enough for me, though I did see two of my fifth grade boys whispering in each others ears after that was mentioned.

I thought I’d share what we’re doing for anyone who needs some ideas.  I know that they things that have always meant the most to me are the messages/lettters/hand made cards from kids.  If nothing else that’s the way to go!




  1. These are amazing ideas! You make we wish that we had a technology teacher or that I could do this with classes! So very cool. We’ve done photo story and tagxedo this year but for book trailers and a Wonder book unit. Amazing to use it for a heartfelt reason. Love! You should make your own!

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