Cakeway to the West Day 5

As soon as we printed the list of cake locations we just knew we had to go see the one at Ted Drewes.  TD’s, as we and I’m sure others do, call it is THE BEST place to go in St. Louis for frozen custard.  We’ve been going in to the city to get concretes for as long as I can remember while listening to Cards games on the radio.  Any extra reason to go is a good one to me, I also really wanted to see their cake and I wasn’t disappointed.  Those are their colors and see the upside down cup on the front there?  Yep it really is good guys!


While we were in the city Dad wanted to drive by and see something which just happened to take us close to Forest Park so he decided to take us on over and see if we could get pictures of just a few more cakes.

I want to take a moment to stop and point out that everyone talks about and knows about Central Park in NYC it seems but Forest Park is larger and yet it’s still only 75th on the list of largest city parks in the US, hmm what are we missing out on by not learning about the larger parks?  Like it’s NY counterpart Forest Park is a filled with a number of exciting venues.  Including the St. Louis Zoo where we had previously gotten a cake picture.

We decided to started by trying to get a picture of the cake at the Jewel Box.  The Jewel Box is a beautiful greenhouse that serves as a backdrop for many a wedding picture, we saw two wedding parties there that evening one of whom was actually using it for their reception.  We weren’t able to stop to take a picture because of pictures begin taken on the front steps so on we went to The Muny.

The Muny, The Municipal Theatre Association of Saint Louis, is an outdoor stage theatre used in the summer for workshops and presentation of Broadway musicals.  One of my favorite things about The Muny is that there is a section of free seats at the top, with a pair of binoculars and even without they’re great seats.  I’ve seen many shows there: Cats, Evita, West Side Story, and more.

IMG_7186 IMG_7185

We circle on around the park to Steinberg Ice Rink surprisingly, at least to me, the cake there was not related to the ice rink but instead to the Great Forest Park Balloon Race.  While I’ve never actually seen the race I have been to the Balloon Glow the night before several times and it is beautiful as is this cake.


As we went to leave the park because the sun was setting and we knew picture taking would not work so well with our iPods or even my digital camera which has seen better days we noticed that there was no one outside the Jewel Box any longer so we were able to get one last cake.


There will be another trek to Forest Park as we still have to see the cakes at the Art Museum, History Museum, Science Center, and 1904 World’s Fair Pavilion, well that and we just enjoy spending time there as there are so many things to do, so many free things to do one of the BEST parts of Forest Park. 🙂


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