Using my door as a bulletin board

So I have a bulletin board in the hallway, waaaaay down the hall from my classroom, and the wall space around my room is used by the art teacher to display the work the kids are doing.  I wanted another place to display work so I use my door.  In the fall the door was a tree with fall leaves that were word clouds made on Tagxedo,

IMG_6059 IMG_6058 IMG_6057

then it was a turkey with feathers stating what we’re thankful for in technology,


in winter the 4th graders made snowflakes on Make a Flake and then gave each other directions to recreate the flake they had made or rather attempted to give directions to recreate the flake they had made, then came the unit fifth grade did on binary.  This time I took pics as I put up the board to share how I did it.

Step one: roll tape into long loops and place on door




Step 2: Begin attaching paper to tape, then add more tape and continue fastening paper down


Step 3: cut around doorknob and fasten down edges


Step 4: Fix any mistake, invariable when I do this the paper ends up at an angle and I have door showing on one side so I cut off the excess from the bottom and add it under the large sheet.





Step 5: decorate, this time I went with a checkerboard look so I didn’t cut out the window.



Currently my door is set up to display fake Facebook and Twitter pages made by my fourth graders to go along with the “Famous Missourian” research project they did in social studies.  I found the Facebook and Twitter templates on Teachers Pay Teachers



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