Repair Kit Fix 14: Emphasize Recent Achievement

Fix 14: Don’t summarize evidence accumulated over time when learning is developmental and will grow with time and repeated opportunities, in those instances, emphasize more recent achievement.

“Grades are broken when learning is developmental (likely to improve over time with practice and repeated opportunities) and the final grade does not recognize the students final level of proficiency.” (page 120)

This makes so much sense I wonder why I never thought about it before.  I always make a point to show parents, how grades improved over the quarter.  Why not just have the grades reflect it?  Of course then what do you do if a student’s grades start dropping and stay low?  If that is due to emotional stress rather than actual knowledge is that an accurate grade?  I had a student one year, she was in our gifted program, her parents were going through a rather tough divorce and her grades started dropping not because she didn’t understand the material but because she didn’t do the work (I know this would be addressed in fix 12 – no zeros for missing work) but even her assessment scores dropped due to her lack of effort.  When speaking with her it was clear she did understand the material.  I just wonder how that fits in with this fix.  And now I feel I’ve gone way off track, time to get back to the book.

“…by emphasizing the most recent information we acknowledge learning as a process and we can give the students the message ‘It is never over until it is really over’”

Love this, what better way to motivate kids especially those that have in the past given up because there was no way to save their grade.

Teacher Vignette: I really like that the teacher in this example has students attach the old work to the new so she can better assess their learning I think this would really help with providing feedback as well.


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