Repair Kit Fix 15: Student Involvement

Fix 15: Don’t leave students out of the grading process.  Involve students; they can and should play key roles in assessment and grading that promote achievement.

This is a fix that I have quite honestly been looking forward to reading since the study guide.  I’m really curious as to how to include students in grading.

“Students can learn how to monitor their own progress, and how to communicate that progress to others.” (page 126)

OK but how?

“We must also be sure that students understand the targets…one of the most powerful is to involve them in developing the rubrics we use to provide feedback and/or scores.” (page 127)

OK this I can do, starting by providing examples of scoring guides then brainstorm with the class.  Maybe use a general rubric on rubistar as an example and then creating a more specific one together and leaving one section open to tailor to specific goals for each student (like in Clearing the Way, I really need to pull this book out and blog it).  Then students can use scoring guides to peer and self-assess.

It is also suggested that students use assessment plans like the one shown fix 13 to help them track scores and communicate with others about those scores.

Teacher Vignette: I love the idea of “Praise, Polish, Ponder” that this teacher uses with her students – a great peer assessment.  This reminds me of the 2 likes and 1 suggestion peer assessment that I have been using.


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