Avatar: Aang and Korra

My review of a few Avatar (Nicktoons not the blue people) books for What Will She Read Next? My son loves these books and I’d like to add them to my classroom library.

What Will She Read Next?


Today we are celebrating our 100th post!  We’re so excited about what we’re doing, and will continue to do, share our love of books!  We’re focusing on the graphic series Avatar, which has transcended genres.

The Avatar cartoons are popular at our house. Hubby was actually the first to discover them, then the kiddo, and finally me. I’ll be honest, at first I was really hesitant because it was a Nickelodeon cartoon, but I ended up loving it.  There are several Avatar books out now and I’ve read at least a few of them.  I would label this post as YA but I think Avatar appeals to all ages, then again so do many other YA books.

The first book I read (actually we read as a bedtime book) was The Lost Scrolls.  From what I saw at the bookstores these were originally released each as their own book:…

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