Repair Kit for Grading PS

My ideas on grading really were impacted by this book.  I was surprised at how differently I felt as I read.  There were things I did because it was always done that way like zeroes for missing work or cheating and points taken away for late work, though I might not have been comfortable with those choices they were policy, now I think I’d talk to my administrator and adjust my classroom policies to reflect these fixes.

Overall I think what I came away with was that these fixes are absolutely NOT a lowering of standards as was felt by many parents in my district, rather they are a raising of standards.  This is a push to get students to do the work that will help them learn.

If you are a teacher and have not read this book I highly recommend it.  If you are a parent in a district implementing these fixes, it is well worth your time to read this book as well.

Keep in mind just because something has always been done a certain way that does not mean that it is the best way!


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