Feeling torn

It’s here the end of the school year, just a few more days to go and I can’t believe we’re here already.  I have really enjoyed this year.

The problem is I’m feeling really torn right now.  As my current position is a classroom assistant position, though I do teach technology classes to all K-2 students and to 4-5 students not taking strings, I’m looking for a classroom position.

I love my building, I enjoy the staff and students I work with, I’m really enjoying the challenge of teaching technology, keeping it interesting, and keeping it relevant, preparing kids to use technology in their everyday lives.  I don’t want to leave, but I do because I want to be a contracted teacher, I want the responsibility of grades again, and to be perfectly honest I want the salary that goes with the education and experience I have that I can only get as a classroom teacher, ok to be even more honest my family needs that salary to pay our bills.

If my current job were to become a certified position with a contract I’d happily stay right where I am.  Actually knowing that I have this job next year I’ve become more discriminating in the certified positions I do apply for.

I’ll be happy to get a classroom but I will really miss this job and the positive community of this building!  It’s just so hard which I never thought it would be.  Ah well such is life I suppose.


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