Last day of school

So here it is the last day of school and as always it’s filled with mixed emotions.  I’m excited to have the summer to enjoy with my son while he’s still young enough to want to spend time with mom, seeing as hes going into 4th grade next year that time is limited.  I’m sad to see the year end because I’ve really enjoyed this year.  I’m going to miss the kids and my co-workers.  I know I have my job next year but I am still looking for a classroom position for many reasons and don’t know if that will happen I do know it will probably be late July or August before I get any calls for interviews.  In the meantime I’ll plan for next year for the job I have, always better to be prepared then if I do get a classroom I can pass off my plans to the next person.    Almost time to say goodbye, so I’m going to go enjoy the last minutes I have with these kiddos.



  1. Since you’re one of my blog’s followers, did you go to the IT sites I mentioned? Also, please enjoy your summer with wonderfully exciting family activities. Take lots of pictures to show future girl friends of your son! Love it!

  2. Yes, live it up. This is a perfect slice of your life today. I’m sad for you. Hopeful for you. Jealous that you are done and I have another week… I feel for you mostly. I’m going back into the classroom after two years of being out and really look forward to it. Fingers crossed for you 🙂

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