For the next week or so I thought I’d share some of my Pinterest boards.  I have 70 boards altogether, nope not addicted to Pinterest not at all LOL 😉  Actually I have backed away from using it and spending as much time there as I once did.  Coming off of my time being Facebook free and realizing I had started to replace the time I’d spent on FB with time on Pin I decided I needed to step back from it some as well.  I do feel less guilty about the time I spend on Pinterest as I have used crochet patterns found there, done things with my son I found there, used things in the classroom from there which brings me to my segue.  As a teacher I suppose it should come as no surprise that of my 70 boards the largest percentage of them is devoted to classroom things.  I do have 7 food boards and my crochet board is sadly in need of organizing as is my nail art board but even then I don’t think anything could top my classroom boards which sit currently at 19.  Yes you read that right 19 boards.

When I first started on Pin I had one board for all of my teaching pins it rapidly got out of control.  A former co-worker had reorganized her teaching boards and I really liked the way she had done it so I decided to take some time and organize mine better.  I thought about sharing one board a day but then quickly reconsidered when looking at the sheer number of boards.  I’ll group them somehow now to just figure out how :).

If you’re on Pinterest please let me know so I can follow you, especially you other educators out there.


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