Pinterest boards Day 2

Today I thought I’d share my subject centered boards.  As a former middle school communication arts teacher I have noticed that my com arts board has way more pins than any of the other boards but I’m trying to rectify that.  Let’s start there though this board is filled with ideas that will work with kids from pre-school to middle school.  I don’t what level classroom I’ll end up in so I just keep pinning, and even so I’ve found value in having middle school students create things for younger kids, this can be especially helpful for middle school students who are struggling readers.  Honestly considering the number of pins on this board I probably need to reorganize it into reading, writing/grammar, and spelling/word work boards, guess that’s going on my to do list.

My math board also has a variety of pins though these range mostly kindergarten to fifth grade as I’m not certified to teach middle school math.  While I haven’t used any of these pins in my classroom I have used some of the multiplication and division ideas with my son as he’s learned those facts this year.

My science board is lacking but I do also have a general board devoted to Space as it’s of particular interest to me.  The science board again are not activities I’ve done with students but there are several I’d love to try and hope to do with my son.  The space board is mostly pictures of various stars, nebulas, and galaxies but there are some pins that lead to informational sites as well.

Finally my social studies board seems to be the thinnest though I should work on that, history being one of my favorite subjects as well.  I have not used these ideas yet but I see several that I could actually work into my plans for next year to match the units students are doing in the classroom. Wait, correction I do have two pins on there I’ve used but that’s because when I found them online to use I pinned them myself.  My fourth graders used the SMART notebook Facebook and Twitter templates to make fake FB and Twitter pages for their Famous Missourians.

If you’ve got some great sites you think I can pin please share!


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