Pinterest boards day 3

So on to some other Pinterst boards I set up.  As I was going through my pins I found that I had some that really fit either the beginning or the end of the year so there were two new boards.  The beginning of the year board includes a lot of get to know you activities that could probably also go in my community building board.  There are also pins that are great for teaching procedures first thing and ways to greet students and set up back to school night.

The end of the year board has pretty much what you’d expect: pins that wrap up the year.  There are only a handful of pins here but they were really cute.  I saw the balloon pop idea used in the school I was in last year not only in classrooms for students but also in the building as a whole for the staff.  It really did make the end of the year a lot of fun.

Community building, the board I mentioned above again sounds pretty self-explanatory which was after all my goal when creating these new boards.  I mean what’s the point of organizing the pins if you can’t tell what’s where.  Some of these pins are one time activities others are year long.  Many of them could be used along with Kagan and that leads me to my next board.  As I am a wholehearted supporter and user of the Kagan Cooperative Learning structures in my classroom I have a board dedicated strictly to the program.  Many of these pins are organizational ideas, posters or table mats for various structures as well as some videos to show how different structures work.  I think this might be the board where I’ve actually used more pin ideas than any of my other boards.

Another big program taking hold across my district, and it seems across the country and world is Leader in Me based on Dr. Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I attended the training for this last summer and then created a board for ideas.

Finally for today is my Common Core board with pins addressing the Common Core State Standards.  Some of these pins are the student friendly “I Can” statements, others are activities/lesson plans that address the CCSS, checklists to track teaching of CCSS, and more.

So I have one more post of classroom boards to share and then I may share another set of boards that while not directly classroom related might still lead to some ideas.


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