Pinterest boards day 4

This is it the last day of my classroom boards, well for now, you know until I find a reason to add a new board or divide my com arts board into smaller boards 🙂  Today’s post is a variety of boards that didn’t seem to fit in with any of the previous groupings.

With that in mind let’s just start with my Classroom Miscellaneous board.  This is my catch all for pins that I like that are classroom related but don’t really seem to fit any of my other boards.  I do go through these pins every few months to make sure I can’t move some of them to one of my other 18 classroom boards and it looks like it’s about time to do it again.

Next up a correction from last post, I know I said my Kagan board is my most used, well most used by me personally.  There is another board that is the most used in my classroom: Movement.  We use this to do brain breaks or for reward time.  The kids and I love all of the Just Dance and the Koo Koo Kanga Roo videos.  I actually have this board bookmarked on my computer at school so we can go to it quickly.

Another board that I refer to regularly and have used several times is my Technology board.  As a technology teacher I have used some of these links, some are more oriented towards regular classroom teachers but I pinned them for that possibility that I end up back in a classsroom.  There are pins of apps that are helpful for organization, learning websites for kids, online books, videos that might be helpful in the classroom and more.

A big concern in the intermediate and higher grades is test-taking skills and abilities.  My test-taking board doesn’t have very many pins yet but there are some for motivation, some for how to answer questions and even one for a classroom assessment request to retest.  I might need to use some of these for my son next year during test-taking time.

The last of my classroom boards is really just for and about teachers: Funnies, Quotes, and Apparel.  Here I pin quotes, e-cards, comics, t-shirts, other stuff that ‘s just funny or teacher inspiring.  I think  my current favorite on there is the Teacher Definition of Talking, that one may have to go up in my classroom lol or at least be shared with my students. LOL 🙂


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