Cakeway to the West day 6

So kiddo wanted to head out to play at a new park on the way we stopped off to see two other cakes.  The first is at Barretts Elementary School in the Parkway School District.  The really cool thing to me about this cake is that it was created/decorated by the students of the school


Next we headed around the corner a block or two, really they are this close together, to the Museum of Transportation.  This has long been a favorite summer destination for us.  The Museum is filled with train, some planes, and a whole building full of classic cars including a new room dedicated to cars made by St. Louis car companies.  The cake here didn’t seem quite finished as it had some sketchings on it.  To be honest when I first saw it I thought someone had scribbled on the cake on closer inspection I realized those were sketches that were probably meant to be there.  Maybe they are simply supposed to be sketches.  We’ll find out later this year when we make our annual trek to actually visit the museum.





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