Cakeway to the West day 8

Summer break had arrived and kiddo was determined to visit the Saint Louis Science center even though we had just done it over Spring Break, ah well it’s free, fun, and we’d missed the cake when we went last time so off we went.  On the way we made a slight detour on Clayton Road to Sweetology do it yourself cake shop to get a picture of the cake there.

IMG_7370 IMG_7372 IMG_7371

Off we headed to Forest Park expecting to park on one of the side streets and walk we were thrilled to find a parking space on the Planetarium side of the Science Center, to St. Louisans my age and older the original Science Center.  As we approached the entrance I was shocked to see a cake.  I knew there was one on the other side of the highway (yep the SC spans a highway, highway 40 to be precise, with a great walkover bridge.  We stopped to take pics but I’ll come back to those.  We wandered through checking out the space oriented displays, I remain fascinated and could probably stand for hours looking at the Mercury and Gemini space capsules on display.  When we made it to the entrance to the “new” Science Center we found the cake I knew was there.   I wanted to feature this one first as it is more general science related, while there are hints of displays that you will find in the SC it’s nothing compared to the Planetarium side cake.

IMG_7387 IMG_7386

IMG_7385 IMG_7384

Yep that would be kiddo in the background taking his own shots of the cakes, he’s as big a photo nut as I am lol.  Now to show you the Planetarium cake, in bits and pieces that is. First the “windows” that you will find to look down onto Highway 40 as you cross over the bridge, there’s the circle one like this as well as a square and triangle.


This is probably one of the most constructed exhibits in the whole place, build the Arch, I know we’ve done it almost every time we’ve gone, though we did skip it this time because it was busy.


Next a familiar site for any St. Louisan the Planetarium with it’s yearly holiday bow.  Apparently this was first done as a fraternity prank but has since become tradition.


As I already mentioned the Mercury and Gemini capsules inside the Planetarium it should come as no surprise that there is a NASA rocket on the top of the cake, falling into a gravity well, enter the glass doors right behind the cake and you’ll find a gravity well too. 🙂


Finally the whole cake.  I think this may be my favorite one yet.



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