End of year survey part 1

So at the end of the school year I had my first, second, fourth, and fifth graders fill out a short survey on the year in I.T. (technology class).  I know it seems late to be posting this but as I’m using the information now to help plan this next year I thought it would be a good way to go through it again.  I asked the kids 4 questions so I think this will be 4 posts.  When looking at the responses it seems like so little information in 4th an 5th grades but I only had 20 kids in each grade the rest of them took strings.

Question 1: What was your favorite part of IT this year?

first grade answers –

  • watching movies about online safety (7)
  • watching videos (2)
  • ocean animals book (28)
  • computers (10)
  • type on the computer (2)
  • professor G (2)
  • game day (18)
  • going on the computer (1)
  • Hector’s World (4)
  • Mother’s Day letters (1)
  • teacher appreciation letters (1)
  • playing games on the computer (1)
  • MS Word
  • internet safety (3)
  • typing letters
  • learn to control the computer
  • seussville

Clearly game day was popular but I was really excited to see that their Ocean Animals book was also popular.  The kids and I watched videos and read books on various ocean animals they they as a class created a book about what they’d learned, great way to practice typing skills without the old boring lessons, and at this age all I really wanted was for them to become familiar with the keyboard itself so this was perfect.

second grade answers –

  • made up bugs (2)
  • insect books (33)
  • game day (36)
  • MS word (2)
  • everything (2)
  • Dance Mat typing (4)
  • Dr. Seuss (3)
  • Mrs. Davis (4)
  • teacher appreciation activities (2)
  • Professor Garfield (2)
  • typing

No shock here Game Day again incredibly popular, but as with first grade the nonfiction study (this time insects) book was also very popular.

fourth grade answers –

  • Power Points (5)
  • game day (9)
  • typing club (2)
  • cards for Colin
  • got to do a lot of IT on the computer
  • learning how to use the computer
  • Just Dance/class movement (2)

My fourth (now fifth graders) seem to be obsessed with Power Point, every question had answers about PP.

fifth grade answers –

  • everything (4)
  • kidblog (5th grade blog) (2)
  • code (4)
  • typing (3)
  • writing on SMART board
  • Mrs. D
  • game day (5)
  • typing club

Kidblog was not as popular as I had expected though if I’d asked when we had just started it I think the answers might have been different or if the kids were given more control that might have made a difference too.  The tech teachers at two other buildings and myself started a blog for our kids to get to know each other as these schools all feed into the same middle school.  When we first started the blog kids came in asking to go on.  Maybe we need to wait until fourth quarter to do it this year or again maybe allow the kids more control???  Will have to think about this and talk to the other tech teachers to see what they think.


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